Rules: The 6 foods you should really eat

On our site, we constantly repeat again and again how much food is an important part of our daily health. Indeed, it is it that gives us the energy to face the difficult days and that helps us in part to fight diseases. But it is often less recognized that it is important to keep the morale! A bad diet can have terrible effects, but the power of food can also play in our favor, especially for periods such as rules that may seem more complicated.

How does it matter when you have your period?
When they are there, our morale can be at half-mast! In addition, the pain can annoy us and digestive disorders are never far away. Finally, let’s not talk about the fatigue and the feeling of drowsiness that accompanies it. To deal with these symptoms, here are 6 foods that you should eat during your period.

1) Chocolate

It is the comfort food par excellence. Besides, we didn’t resist the urge to show you how to make a delicious beauty mask! And its reputation is not due only to its exquisite taste, but also to its compounds. Its magnesium is very appreciated by your body at this time. Only, think about staying measured in your consumption, because abuse is never good. Indeed, studies have shown that its caffeine content could increase muscle tension, which would not be good at all. That said, prefer the dark chocolate that is the healthiest of all.

2) The Banana

This fruit that we know little about a berry has the shape of a smile and its richness in vitamins and minerals (magnesium, potassium…) allows it well! So, we don’t do better than this food to take a good mood concentrate and take care of your transit. The latter will have the banana and walk straight without you seeming so painful. This is a good welcome point when you have the belly in bulk during menstruation.

3) Tea

Here, you can give a good point to tea lovers and encourage those who swear by the coffee to get started! Moreover, coffee (and also alcohol) is to be banned, because it promotes the elimination of magnesium so crucial at this time and dehydrates too. In a cup of tea, you can fill up with manganese, a substance that contributes to the feeling of relaxation. In addition, you can vary the pleasures by opting for different varieties and choose those that fight the small unpleasant symptoms of the rules such as muscles clenched in the belly or bloating. For this, you can try thyme and chamomile respectively! What’s more, it helps to stay hydrated and it’s ultra important.

4) Green vegetables

Given the digestive problems that accompany the rules, this may surprise! Yet that is quite true as soon as you do not abuse it. Indeed, green vegetables are a delight and contain a good dose of vitamins, iron and fibre. These different contributions make it possible to approach this period healthier. They will take care of your body, your mind and your transit, especially if you choose green leafy vegetables.

5) and meat level?

It is often recommended to consume a little red meat (never in excess) to combat the sensation of fatigue and depression related to iron deficiencies. Do you mind consuming products of animal origin? You want to vary the iron inputs? It is possible with other foods such as lentils, pumpkin seeds, spinach, full rice, Brussels sprouts… In addition, you can also consume foods rich in fatty acids including omega-3 to reduce muscle contractions in the uterus: salmon, herring, etc.

6) and finally, do not forget the nuts.

It is tempting to throw on cakes, candies and other sweet sweets when you have menstruation (after all it is well worth it and you are often hungry at this time). Why don’t you try to trade them with nuts? Rich in omega-3 and magnesium, they take care of our live uterine muscles while soothing the small appetites! You can eat three seeds of nuts every three or four hours. You will have a good intake of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. It will also reduce fatigue and give you a better mood.

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