She loses all her hair because of a squash poisoning.

After eating a squash that was too ripe, a woman suffered a severe hair loss. A dermatologist from Saint-Louis hospital in Paris confirmed the link and published an article in the scientific journal Jama.

If Charlene wears short hair today, it’s not by choice. After a squash poisoning, this inhabitant of Grenoble (Isere) began to lose her hair in packets, so that she ended up cutting everything as reported by the Parisian.

In December of this year, Charlene buys a butternut squash on a large surface and roasts it for dinner. After a few bites, the vegetable’s bitterness prevents him from finishing his plate. “30 minutes after I was taking stomach aches and never been as sick as that night. I had cramps, cold sweats, early hallucinations. I’ve even lost consciousness. I thought it was a big gastro after the holidays , she confides to the Parisian.

Then comes the fall of hair, after a week, that neither vitamins nor corticosteroids prescribed by his doctor fail to stop. “After a month they left as if I had depilatory cream. When I had them, I could hear a crack, they would break to the brim. I was distraught, panicked, “recalls the 30-year-old girl.

A pollinating INSECT would be involved
Charlene was however far from making a connection between her alopecia and the consumption of gourd. She also accuses first of her new hair mousse purchased the same day at her hairdresser’s. Dr. Philippe Besouly, a dermatologist at the Hospital Saint-Louis in Paris, had already listed two other serious cases, which earned him to publish an article on this subject in the scientific journal Jama.

“I had a hunch with a patient who confirmed herself with another. Very important to know, the intoxication causing the hair fall occurs with pumpkins, squash, zucchini, which are particularly bitter “, explains the doctor to the Parisian. A pollinator insect would be involved, transferring toxic cucurbitacin to cultivated squash. It is thanks to Dr. Souly’s article that the young woman will make the rapprochement.

If Charlene had a hard time getting used to her new haircut, her hair should have repelled as she wished for her wedding next year.


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