Smoker? Try this effective remedy to stop smoking quickly.

How do I stop smoking?
To overcome its dependence on tobacco is a decision full of courage but not always easy to achieve. Yet there are natural and effective ways, such as kudzu. Zoom in on a product that could change your life!

What is the kudzu?
Kudzu is a perennial plant native to the Far East. Rich in starch, the tuberous roots are particularly used in the kitchen.

The Kudzu, an ally to quit smoking
In the countries of which it originates, kudzu has been used for centuries to combat smoking and alcoholism. Kudzu is thus a very interesting product because it contains various useful elements, such as isoflavones, Daidzein (known to be anti-cancerous), and genistein. Daidzein and genistein are organic compounds with detoxifying properties. These properties make the root of kudzu an ally of choice for anyone who is painfully leading a fight against cigarettes. Indeed, smoking is addictive and it is, in fact, difficult to overcome. With the consumption of the kudzu, this fight is proving much easier.

The kudzu and cessation of tobacco
The kudzu acts directly on the neurotransmitters, resulting in a very rapid detoxification. In addition, the action of this root helps to inhibit certain symptoms related to quitting, such as mood change, irritability, etc. In fact, smoking cessation is done in more comfortable conditions than, for example, with patches.

Using the Kudzu
In the form of capsules, the kudzu is consumed at the rate of one capsule of dry root extract per day accompanied by half a glass of water. This plant is not recommended in case of a history of breast cancer and pregnant and/or lactating women. Also, if you are taking medicated treatments, ask a specialist for advice.

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