Smuggling of three Iranian films in Iran during the 24 hours!

In the continuation of the high quality versions of film films, in 24 hours, the high quality version of the “Shirin Palace”, “The Paternal house” and “The Night when the moon is complete” has been smuggled, smuggling and the head of social networks, which is not yet clear, but such a breadth of film in Such a short time has been unprecedented and has reacted to the Iranian Film Directors Association.

The newly-smuggled wave of films with two film-selling films in Iran and the beginning of June were the pictures of the smuggling version of und and half yards, “Rahman 1400” in cyberspace. In the first days of August, the “Night of the Moon” completed, still on the wide screen of cinema, was the victim of the game, and the movie version of the film, such as two other films in public passages as well as messengers such as Telegram, was handed-over. In the mid-aban, I also turn to “Indian” to play a slideshow in cyberspace.

Now, in the continuation of this wave over the last 24 hours, this time instead of the version of the screen, the high quality version of the month that the moon was completed, which was stolen by the name for the review and was released in cyberspace. At the time of the “paternal house” film, in the last few days of his limited day, he faced his high quality and fate in the film like Narges Abar. “Shirin Palace” was the third film that was stolen by a specific label on the left side of the image and smuggled out of foreign VOD services, such as YouTube and Messengers.

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