What is The Snake oil for skin and hair: why is everyone talking about?

Coming from Morocco, snake oil is nothing animal, rest assured! It is a mixture of several natural ingredients that makes the hair more beautiful and brighter.

What hides behind snake oil?
New arrival on the market of natural cosmetics, snake oil arouses interest and comments. Despite its denomination, this product is not made from a snake. It is actually the combination of several vegetable oils. Then why such a name? Because it refers to an episode of Greek mythology: Poseidon seduces Medusa in the temple of Athena, herself infatuated with Poseidon. In the face of this nascent love, the wrath of Athena transforms the sublime jellyfish’s hair into serpents.

What are the ingredients that make up the snake oil?
Today we find several brands proposing this oil, but watch out for the composition! The true snake oil is developed from 8 different vegetable oils selected for their benefits. Among them: castor oil, sweet almond, avocado, argan, sesame, coconut, sunflower and arugula. All these oils must be organic, 100% natural and cold pressed to guarantee a better result.

What are the benefits of snake oil?
Also known as Cobra oil, this exceptional product is ideal for damaged, brittle, dull or dry hair. Thanks to the presence of castor oil, it promotes the growth and nourishes the forked lengths.

The sweet almond and avocado oil allow to nourish the hair. Well known for its healing and moisturizing virtues, the Argan protects the hair fiber from UV, just like sesame oil. As for coconut oil, it strengthens the hair and accentuates the brightness. Sunflower and arugula sanitize the scalp.

These ingredients are sometimes replaced by others, such as olive oil, mustard, white sandalwood or tiger nut. In any case, the synergy of these different elements makes it possible to restore life to the tired hair. It’s even said that snake oil can repair burned hair!

How to use snake oil?
It has been used for generations in Morocco and the Middle East. 100% vegan and natural, it is also invigorating, protective and gives volume. Thus, all types of hair can use it, scalps leathers with a greasy tendency to dry, dull or flat hair. There is also a growing interest in its formidable effectiveness.

If you want to test it in the best conditions and have a nice hair, apply it on your lengths and then massage your scalp. Then place a hot towel over your head. You can let it sit about twenty minutes, then make a shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Those with particularly damaged hair can even let the snake oil lay all night. When you wake up, the hair is brighter and more regenerated. You can renew this operation once a month or even every two weeks. Your hair will regain its suppleness and softness over the course of use.

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