Sponge Konjac: Why do we adore it?

100% natural, reusable and biodegradable, this small sponge made of absorbent vegetable fibers exfoliates, cleans and removes makeup without drying the skin.

What is it?
Very popular in Japan and Korea, Konjac takes its name from the root of an Asian plant. Once crushed and mixed with water, it turns into fibrous pulp, which, after baking, becomes a very soft cleaning sponge.

How to use it?
First moisten it until it soften. If necessary, add a cleaning product before passing it on the face in circular movements. Wring it out carefully before suspending it to dry in the open air.

What’s the point?
100% natural and therefore ecological, the Konjac achieves a slight exfoliation with each use. It provides a scrub and provides the clean skin effect that cleaning brushes offer, all at lower cost and without irritating the skin!

The expert’s opinion: Katalin Berenyi, co-founder of the Erborian brand
From a crushed and reconstituted plant, the Konjac is manufactured without any additives and its ultra-soft fibres are tolerated even by fragile skins. Its detox effect is therefore universal, provided you think about replacing it every three months or so. After this period, the effects will be less glaring… Kind of like a toothbrush! ».

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