If you see these symptoms and signs. That means you have severe anxiety disorders.

Severe anxiety disorders are manifested by a variety of disorders, both psychological and physical. Diagnosis and assessment of the impact on daily life are evaluated by a physician.

Symptoms of severe anxiety disorders.

A severe anxiety disorder can result in extremely diverse symptoms that vary depending on the person.
This can be:

Psychological disorders: irritability, difficulty concentrating, inability to make projects, selflessness of everyday life, negative vision of the future, irrational and unsubstantiated fear…;
Physical disorders: Digestive disorders (functional colopathie, nausea…), pain, drowsiness, fatigue, headache… These disorders are very diverse and vary according to the people.

The person who suffers from an anxiety disorder presents anxious emotions and thoughts that also cause anxious behaviour:

  • Anxious emotions: Intense and lasting fear for well-defined situations or objects (phobia of spiders, public transport…), or painful and agonizing apprehension of a precise or vague and uncertain danger.
  • Pathological anxious emotions are to be differentiated from normal fears and anxieties linked to really dangerous situations, to personal stresses or fears that are not painful, transient and without any major impact.
  • The intensity of this emotion is variable which can be explosive as in the panic attack.
  • Anxious thoughts: There may be concerns “what will happen to me?” or doubts “did I close the car properly?”
  • These thoughts are abnormal because they are excessively frequent, invasive and are imposed upon the will of the subject, which can go up to real catastrophe scenarios.
  • Anxious behaviour: The person will seek to avoid situations that may create anxiety (avoidance); Sometimes it will repeat acts in a ritual and stereotypical way to calm the anguish (compulsions).

All this leads to a major impact in everyday life.


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