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Aloe vera, natural bandage

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Known for its hydrating action, this succulent has great skin properties. It promotes healing, soothes the skin and has anti-age virtues. Since the dawn of time, aloe vera is used to treat minor skin injuries. The Egyptians already evoked its virtues to treat infections. The secret of aloe vera? An incredible capacity of resistance! This fat plant, cultivated in all the Mediterranean, perfectly survive in desert climates. Its leaves are covered with stomata, small openings that promote trade and which close in order to maintain hydration. "L'aloe contains 99% water, which is attracted by the mucilages (sugars) that act as micro-eponges. When you cut a sheet, we see take this aqueux gel ", explains Marie-Hélène Lair, Director of scientific communications of Clarins. Its juice is extracte...