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This is How to relieve cramps: what to do and when to consult?

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Most cramps disappear after a few minutes. It is possible to anticipate their occurrence and to alleviate the pain. If they become recurrent or are associated with other symptoms, it is advisable to consult a doctor. What to do in case of cramps? A cramp causes a strong pain. It can be quickly relieved by a few simple gestures: Stretch and massage the muscle reached by the cramp. For example, if it is a calf cramp, raise your leg and pull the toe of the foot up (bring the toe of the foot towards you). Once this exercise is done, try to walk on the heels for a few minutes; Re-hydrate by drinking plenty of water; If muscular pain persists after the cramp, you can take one of the following medications: Paracetamol, An anti-inflammatory steroidal or "NSAIDs" (ibuprofen, ketoprofen) or aspiri...