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This easy trick will make your lashes longer and thicker naturally without chemical products

Unfortunately we are not all fortunate to have naturally long and thick eyelashes that give us a look at the doe's eyes. Fortunately for us, mascara is to the rescue, but over time, this product that is supposed to thicken our eyelashes, ends up weakening them and accelerating their loss. But our cause is not lost! There are several natural tricks that allow you to grow the lashes faster and make them stronger, like this preparation based on 3 natural oils that we propose in this article. Many women owe their long and thick eyelashes to mascara, unlike those spoiled by nature. Over time or due to excessive use of this product, the eyelashes tend to deteriorate or fall and their regrowth is not the fastest. Some women opt for solutions like eyelash extensions or false eyelashes to garnish ...