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Heavy legs: symptoms, causes and its contributing factors

The feeling of heaviness of the legs is related to poor circulation of blood in the veins. It is sometimes accompanied by cramps, tingling or swelling. Eventually, this condition may progress to the formation of varicose veins. HOW IS MANIFESTE THE IMPRESSION OF LOURDES LEGS? Leg heaviness is when the lower limbs appear heavy, tense and particularly sensitive to fatigue. These sensations mainly concern the calves. They tend to increase: As the day progresses; hot weather If you stand for a long period of time (especially if you don't walk or trample) in the days leading up to the onset of menstruation in women. Conversely, people involved experience less discomfort while walking, lying down or when it is cold. This heaviness of the legs can be accompanied by cramps or a need to scratc...


Osteoarthritis of the hip, or coxarthrosis, is a wear and tear then a destruction of the cartilage of the joint located at the top of the thigh, between the femur and the pelvis (joint coxo-femoral). It is a chronic disease that is often annoying on a daily basis. WHAT IS HIP OSTEOARTHRITIS? Osteoarthritis of the hip is a deterioration of the articular cartilage of the joint coxo-femoral, articulation between the bone of the thigh (the femur) and the pelvis. It begins with a degeneration of the cartilage, then evolves towards the attainment of all the structures of the joint and, in particular, the bone located beneath the cartilage. Coxarthrosis affects, like osteoarthritis of the knee, large joints that carry the weight of the body. It can evolve slowly without leading to a major handi...

This Simple Stretch Will Make Your Knees Feel Years Younger!

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Knee pain affects many people, and it’s predicted that by the age of 85, 50% of the American population will experience some knee condition. This percentage increases up to 66% in case you are obese or you have extra weight, as the lower extremities support all our movements and they are exposed to great pressure. The knee pain can be a result of over-taxation, osteoarthritis, and injury, but it could be relieved with the help of some very simple stretches. You could find the stretches in the following below: To support the health of your joints, you need to: Strengthen the surrounding muscles so as to lower the joint stress Consume a healthy diet that is rich in vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium Maintain a healthy body weight In case you are leading a sedentary lifestyle or ...

Prova dessa åtgärder för att bekämpa knäna smärta

Lederna i knäna är utan tvekan den mest stressade av vår kropp. Så vi föreställer oss att när vi lider, kan alla våra vanor ändras. Här är fem tips för att bli bättre. Knä smärtor kan vara så stark att de ibland leder till en förändring av liv eller vanor. Oavsett om du är atletisk eller drabbats hårt av artrit, det finns många tips för smärtlindring. Om det är mycket livlig eller ihållande, är det tillrådligt att rådgöra med din läkare. 1. stoppa våldsamma sporter Skid-eller rinnande entusiaster har ibland tvingats lämna sin utrustning i omklädningsrummet. I själva verket kräver dessa sporter en hel del knäled och kan bära och skada menisken eller ligament. Det är dock viktigt att fortsätta regelbunden fysisk aktivitet, eftersom lederna också försämras när de inte används! Du kan sedan ...

How to treat shoulder pain at home

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Shoulder pain is a fairly common disease that can be triggered by many factors such as muscular tensions, sprains, dislocations, dysfunction in the spine (neck or middle of the back) or even diseases Heart. However, the most common cause of shoulder pain is a mild tension in the muscles or ligaments, which is usually caused by excess work or exercise. Most shoulder aches heal by themselves after a week and sometimes even faster if you use effective homemade remedies. For more severe shoulder aches, the intervention of a health professional and in some rare cases a surgical procedure may be necessary. Rest your shoulder for a while. Shoulder pain is caused in most cases by excessive use of the shoulder or excessive exertion, in other words, by repetitive movements with the shoulder or lift...

5 tricks If your knees make you suffer

The joints of the knees are undoubtedly the most stressed of our body. So we imagine that when we suffer, all our habits can be changed. Here are five tips to get better.   Knee pains can be so strong that they sometimes lead to a change of life or habits. Whether you are athletic or hit hard by arthritis, there are many tips for pain relief. If it is very lively or persistent, it is advisable to consult your doctor. 1. Stop Violent Sports   Ski or running enthusiasts have sometimes been forced to leave their equipment in the locker room. Indeed, these sports require a great deal of knee joint and can wear and damage the meniscus or ligaments. However, it is essential to continue regular physical activities, as the joints also deteriorate when they are not used! You can then c...