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Olive oil: 4 beauty recipes for the face, body and hair to do at home

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In soap, in mask, in care... olive oil offers its vitamins and minerals whose skin, hair and nails adore. To benefit from its virtues, discover these 3 Ultras beauty recipes easy to make by yourself. Olive oil is obtained by cold pressure from the fruits of the olive tree. If the Greeks, the Romans, the Berbers, the Phoenicians and the Arabs already used it in the kitchen since antiquity, it was very appreciated in beauty care thanks to its high content of vitamins A, vitamins E and mono fatty acids unsaturated. The skin and hair adore it! 1/olive oil in makeup remover 100 ml of olive oil + 250 ml of aloe vera juice. This is what you need to make this cleansing treatment suitable for sensitive skin and eye contour. Olive oil removes impurities from the skin and nourishes the epidermis, w...
Nourishing mask with avocado and banana.

Nourishing mask with avocado and banana.

For Who? Those with dry skin (which itchy, blushes easily, etc.). Ingredients: 1/2 Avocado (very wall) 1 banana 1 tablespoon honey How to prepare it? Mix or mash the banana and avocado together to get a perfectly smooth preparation. Add the honey to make the purée smooth and spread on the face. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Properties of avocado and banana: Thanks to the protein and vitamin A, B and E it contains in quantity, the avocado moisturizes and protects your skin from external aggressions. The banana softens it, feeds it and regenerates it.