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A simple trick to limit hair loss for cats and dogs

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You love more than all your pet and its soft coat. But finding hair everywhere is a real sore. They encrusted everywhere and especially where they are not expected. We're cleaning a place and it's already covered in hair! You are careful, but a hair always happens to slip into the pan/plate/mouth... (We pass and the best). Besides, you have to be unglued on the techniques to remove the hair, right? Failing to shave it or make it wear an integral combination, you can test this simple trick to limit hair loss. What you need: Rapeseed oil The steps: 1) obtain rapeseed oil. 2) pour a few spoons on your pet's croquettes. This oil is very good for the skin and nails of your animals, but also excellent for its hairs! That's why this technique reduces hair loss for a while. READ also our arti...