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Natural remedies to protect your throat

Inflammation, coughing, itching and other sore throats can be cured from natural remedies, hot beverages, gargles, syrups, concocted from foods or medicinal plants. Hot beverages and gargle against sore throat Different foods and natural ingredients that are easily found in the supermarket are good elements for preparing hot beverages that are known to relieve sore throats. Hot Lemon Drink One of the most effective home remedies for reducing the intensity of sore throat is the prepared drink made from lemon, hot water and honey. Just mix the juice with a half lemon and a teaspoon (= tsp) of honey in 250 ml of hot water. The flavoring, antioxidant components, contained in the Lemon Act to reduce the inflammation of the throat. Just like Lemon, honey has anti-inflammatory properties. It als...