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10 tips to improve your intestinal well-being

The main enemies of intestinal microbiota? Fatigue, stress, eating imbalances, taking certain medications, like antibiotics. To protect him, we act on all fronts. 1: Taming STRESS It has long been known that mental tensions can unbalance our microbiota and result in pain and disturbances in transit. It has just been discovered that the opposite was equally true: an unbalanced microbiota increases sensitivity to stress, promotes anxiety, depresses access... A real vicious circle. If it is impossible to escape all sources of stress, you can teach your body to "digest" it. Nothing like that, to achieve this, that a weekly activity that soothes the spirit and helps to take care of oneself. Yoga, Tai-chi, Qi Gong, sophrology are good solutions! You can also book small moments every day to "unp...