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6 DIY Ideas for decorating & landscaping The bathroom when you’re a tenant.

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No need to curb your desire for landscaping and decorating in the bathroom, even if you are a tenant. Here are 6 clever and trendy DIY ideas for decorating, landscaping and storing your bathroom. #1 – Turn a slat base into a modular wall shelf.   One can divert a slatted box to turn it into a clever layout for the bathroom. With the help of a few hooks, you can even hang towels or pots to store the brushes, the hairdryer or even the washcloths. This DIY is easy to reproduce and uses the height of the wall to save space and de-clutter the floor. Tip: Use "S" hooks to hang towels, baskets, bins,... #2 – Make a storage cabinet without piercing the walls, with wooden crates.   Wooden crates are easy to find and customize. sanded and repainted, they assemble easily and can ...