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A  LAUGHTER to Lose Weight ?!!

A LAUGHTER to Lose Weight ?!!

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IT'S A FACT, LAUGHTER IS ANTI-STRESS, relaxing and stimulating. Whether you have a discrete or very expressive laugh, the consequences are the same on the muscles (130 to be exact), the breathing and the brain. This relieves pressure, relieves tension and makes sleeping easier. Laughter has an impact on the immune system and significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Finally, laughter simply makes you happy, creates sharing, exchange and increases your self-confidence. Not difficult and free, what more?

STOP doing these 5 mistakes and START losing weight immediately!!

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It is never easy to lose weight. But often it's those damned last kilos that take time to leave. What if it's a stubborn habit you didn't even know about? Here are 5 mistakes that will probably prevent you from losing 2 kilos.1. Betting only on SPORT;It's good to get into sports. Who has never dreamed of eliminating those little extra pounds that are ruining our lives? But if you really want to lose weight, there is no secret: you have to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. So we flee all that is too fatty (cheese, deli), too sweet (cakes, candies, alcohol, sodas), and too salty (prepared dishes, appetizer cakes, fast food) with the possibility of making a small gap from time to moment.2. do only CARDIO;If you do sports but you only put on cardio, you burn fat... and muscle. Undoubtedly, it...