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How to treat shoulder pain at home

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Shoulder pain is a fairly common disease that can be triggered by many factors such as muscular tensions, sprains, dislocations, dysfunction in the spine (neck or middle of the back) or even diseases Heart. However, the most common cause of shoulder pain is a mild tension in the muscles or ligaments, which is usually caused by excess work or exercise. Most shoulder aches heal by themselves after a week and sometimes even faster if you use effective homemade remedies. For more severe shoulder aches, the intervention of a health professional and in some rare cases a surgical procedure may be necessary. Rest your shoulder for a while. Shoulder pain is caused in most cases by excessive use of the shoulder or excessive exertion, in other words, by repetitive movements with the shoulder or lift...
5 tips to keep your energy in the fall.

5 tips to keep your energy in the fall.

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When the fall comes, the body does not appreciate moisture, cold or overwork. Here are five tips to keep your internal energy and to get out of fatigue every day. Prefer hot beverages. At the end of the autumn, you forget the carbonated waters, sodas and other fruit juices to consume hot beverages. To avoid heat loss and optimize digestion, it is best to drink them hot but not burning. To warm your body and tone it, you can put on herbal teas with anise, ginger, cinnamon, lemon, fennel or rosemary. We can also drink it at breakfast, instead of tea or coffee. More refreshing and energizing, peppermint is recommended for nervous or tempered people. Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal vegetables, in orange-yellow color, pushing to the ground or in the ground, are perfect for refu...