The 10 Best Things Gluten Free People Can’t Eat

There are so many places to get gluten free food these days. But what about the few of us left that don’t suffer from Celiac disease? What are we supposed to eat?

Luckily, The Banana Boat has you flour-lovers covered. Here are 10 things that can’t be consumed by the gluten free masses, guaranteeing their abundance in this sad, wheat-less world.

  1. This Donut

2. A Whole Pizza

3. Just A Straight Up Basket Of Bread

4. A Pile Of Churros

5. This Biscuit Sandwich Thing

6. Some Fucking Pancakes

7. An Unreasonable Amount of Pasta

8. This Bowl of Raw Semolina

9. Bagels Don’t Forget About Bagels

10. The Sweet Sweet Insides Of This Glorious Muffin

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