The awesome quirky trick against fragrant feet and sweating

With nearly 250 000 sweat glands, the arch hasn’t really put any chances on its side moisture and odors! The bacteria present on the skin love this perspiration to develop joyfully and it is then the catastrophe for our nose that must undergo this (not to mention that of others). In closed shoes, perspiration can not be evacuated and it plays a lot on the odors.

To avoid all this, our grandmothers used black tea for its astringent tannic acid content, which reduces the production of sweat by tightening the pores of the skin. In addition to this positive effect on the sebaceous glands, black tea also has a compelling effect on odors. He’s all right!

What you need:
A basin
5 Bags of black tea
The steps:
1) Heat one liter of water and then pour into your pond.

2) Place your black tea bags in the water and let them brew for a good ten minutes before removing them.

3) Once a day, soak your feet in this beneficent infusion. A half hour bath is enough to get the desired effects.

4) Dry your feet carefully by not forgetting the gaps between the toes where the bacteria like to grow when the humidity is conducive!

A few more tips:

Have a perfect hygiene! This goes through a cleansing with soap and water daily, even twice a day.
To treat your shoes, sprinkle with baking soda and let it act all night. It will neutralize odors and moisture. The next day, shake your shoes.
You can apply Alum stone on your foot plant to limit perspiration.

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