The best Detox foods to clean your body

Following some dietary excess you feel heavy and tired? Maybe it’s time to do a little Detox treatment to help your body eliminate toxins. Discover 10 Detox foods that will allow you to regain shape and lightness!

What is a detox food?

Detox foods are foods that will help our body “purge” toxins, these wastes accumulated in our emunctory¬†organs, such as the liver (in the center of detoxification), intestines, kidneys… Toxins are mainly derived from our diet (additives, saturated fats, sugars, alcohol, etc.), but are also related to other factors such as taking medications, smoking, contact with pesticides and other products chemicals inhaled in a polluted environment, etc.

Making a detox cure based on detoxifying foods will help our body to eliminate these toxins, and thus allow you to regain the form. As part of a slimming program, regularly consuming Detox foods will also help you lose weight and find a flat belly.

Top 10 Detox foods

1. lemon
It’s no. 1 Detox food! Antiseptic, full of vitamin C and potassium, it boosts the immune system at the same time it is diuretic and it allows the Elimination of fats and alcohol.

Tip: every morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of lemon juice diluted in warm water. You will start your day on a good basis!

2. the Apple
The Apple contains pectin, a soluble fiber that inflates in the stomach and allows the gluing at the same time as it absorbs fats. It is also rich in quercetin, a potent antioxidant that prevents the risk of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Apple is a highly used food in monodists, Detox cures that consist of feeding on a single food for 1-3 days.

3. the artichoke
It is a key food for liver Detox, which it purifies, but also an excellent diuretic, good for the kidneys. Moreover, the artichoke has appetite suppressants which help to lose weight!

4. Birch juice
Obtained from SAP, Birch juice was already known to the shamans of American and Canadian Indians for its purifying and detoxifying virtues. He is the champion of all-azimuth elimination.

The cure of birch juice after the end of the year holidays, then in the spring, is absolutely recommended!

5. the Black radish
This root vegetable is the best friend of the liver and gallbladder, an organ that acts in the process of dissolution of fats. Cut it in small slices as an aperitif, or grated with Apple in sweet-salted salad!

6. carrot
It is the Queen of antioxidants, with its carotids that give us a dream complexion and a good look! Its mineral richness helps with kidney Detox, and its soft fibers provide better transit for bowel Detox.

7. pineapple
It is a fat-burning food thanks to its potent digestive enzymes, which cleanse the intestines and allow better transit.

8. onion
This is the winter’s Detox champion, because, anti-infection it helps to prevent ORL diseases and to fight cough. The Onion is good for both the detoxification of the intestines thanks to its richness in fibers, kidneys with its richness in minerals, and liver with a sulfur compound that eliminates particularly heavy metals.

9. grapefruit
Fresh and light, it is very rich in detoxifying antioxidants, which act against aging. Pink grapefruit contains other nutrients that give it anti-cholesterol and anti-diabetes qualities.

10. cabbage
All cabbage are concerned: cauliflower, red cabbage, green, Brussels cabbage, broccoli… Very rich in antioxidants, they are rich in minerals and sulfur compounds, making them excellent depurative of the liver. They contain soluble fibers that are appetite suppressant, with chromium which regulates in particular our sugar level.

So the famous cabbage soup of our grandmothers has good to detoxify our organism and regain shape!

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