The best tips against electric hair How to get rid of electric hair: the best tips

That says lower temperatures, says (almost) inevitable return of electric hair. To limit this phenomenon, Matthew Séguier, hairdresser and founder of the Salon Séguier in Paris, delivers his unstoppable tricks.


  1. What is an electric hair?
  2. Electric hair, an almost winter phenomenon
  3. Getting rid of electric hair: the best tips
  4. Good tips

What is an electric hair?
This rather unpleasant phenomenon occurs when the lengths come together with a scarf, a sweater or a brush. Often, one realizes that “The hair goes either to fly or to stick to the face ” explains Matthew Séguier. The hair then becomes electric, since their static electricity charges are opposed to that of the objects. In summary, the drier the climate, the less moisture the fiber absorbs. As a result, the hair dries and your shaggy is bristles.

The electric hair, an almost winter phenomenon.
Why is there a tendency to develop this hair problem in winter? The answer is simple, “The heat and the cold make the atoms move between them. As a result, the hair becomes very electric, explains Matthew Séguier. So we understand that the difference in temperature does not succeed in our hair… But especially with smooth hair! Indeed, these are the most suitable to become electric, because of their stiffness: “In general, a smooth hair is more electric than a curly hair, because they rub more to each other. It is this mechanical friction that generates static electricity.

Getting rid of electric hair: the best tips

At a time when the anti-silicone era is in full swing, this organic compound is still a good way to get rid of this phenomenon: “Silicone surrounds the hair like a barrier. It allows it not to become electric “explains Matthew Séguier. It is also present in shampoos as well as in masks and conditioners (in Kérastase shampoos for example).

Hand Cream
Another trick, always in this dodge of the hot/cold, we do not touch our lengths when we have dry hands: “When the hands are attacked by the cold, it is better to apply a cream beforehand before touching the hair ” advises the hairdresser .

EXIT the hairdryer and other blends
“Heat accentuates this gap between hot and cold.” If however it is complicated to go out without one and/or the other, Matthew Séguier advises to apply an after-brushing cream to both moisturize the hair, but also put every chance on his side to avoid static electricity.

We put water on his hair when they bristle. Yes, the water breaks the phenomenon and allows your strands to come down to earth! Attention all the same if you have used plates beforehand, then we say goodbye to the brushing.

Good tips

The right Brush
Several objects allow the hair to stay in place. If the boar hair brush is known in this area, “From experience, I have not seen a big difference “, confesses Matthew Séguier. On the net, combs as well as anti-static brushes are available, composed of carbon fiber that moves away from this kind of physical reaction. to discover here.

The Silk Square under his BONNET
If we cannot separate from his bonnet when the temperatures adjacent 0 degrees, we opt for a square of silk underneath his bonnet: “That’s what our grandmothers did. Not only does it protect the hair, but it also avoids the static phenomenon. A material to be used without moderation, whether it is under his helmet, in a scarf or on his pillow.

Transmit it to another
Another more original technique, go say hello to someone: “You have to unload in electricity. The trick is to go kiss someone. That way, we take a dump and it removes our electricity load “. A way at once polite but above all… funny to finally get rid of his unruly hair!

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