The Risks Of The electronic Cigarettes ?

Wherever we look, we discover ads on the electronic cigarette; You’ve probably seen them in kiosks and stores. Is this really the miracle solution against tobacco dependence? What are the disadvantages?

What should be considered before using an electronic cigarette?

There are many positive things to consider with these devices. First, they deliver a dose of nicotine to the body, but without adding all the other harmful substances found in a normal cigarette. If you try to quit smoking, these devices can be a replacement therapy for nicotine.

You also eliminate the smoke that causes the harmful effects on the health of those around you. And when you use them properly, they can be a good way to reduce your nicotine dependence. However, you will have to lower the amount of nicotine they contain over time.

Although the electronic cigarette is good news for smokers, it is not inconvenienced. First, it is a poorly regulated article by government agencies. This means that there is no really clear standard and that this blur benefits manufacturers and sellers. So you can find everything in an electronic cigarette that is used to stop smoking tobacco.

The electronic cigarette can also be toxic or harmful if small children come into contact with the nicotine-based solution and manipulate it inopportunely. The containers are not usually tested by children. It is therefore important to keep them away from the children.

And speaking of children, another concern with the electronic cigarette is that it is appealing to children and teenagers because it comes in a wide variety of flavors like fruity tastes or chocolate.

This may be due to an increase in the number of adolescents who become addicted to nicotine even though they have never smoked a normal cigarette. Some health care workers are concerned that a generation of people will be addicted to electronic cigarettes.

And while they are less toxic than in conventional cigarettes, nicotine itself is a drug that can be harmful over the years. And there may be other toxins in this nicotine solution such as a chemical that is used to make antifreeze. There are fewer toxins in the electronic cigarette than in the traditional cigarette, but it is not safe at 100%.

The conclusion is necessary: If you want to quit smoking by using a nicotine replacement, the electronic cigarette can be a good option. But you need to make sure that it is not within reach of children and you need to prepare a program to reduce your dependence on these e-cigarettes.

If you use electronic cigarettes, you will need to do your own research to know all the ingredients contained in your nicotine solution and thus avoid unforeseen risks to your health.

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