The mistake to never make with coconut oil

Long worn to the bare, coconut oil is now debating. Comedogenic, its use on the face would promote the appearance of imperfections. So, is she really to banish from your beauty routine?

An oil “Comedogenic”
What is a comedogenic oil? This means that the product tends to promote the appearance of Comedones (blackheads) and small imperfections, as it obstructs the pores of the skin. The index of comédogénécité is measured on a scale from 0 to 5: Starting from 2, it can promote the appearance of buttons.
Coconut Vegetable oil has a comédogénécité index of 4 out of 5! It is therefore incompatible with oily or acne-prone skins, which already have problems and clogged pores.

If your skin is very dry or chapped, you can use it. Prefer an extra-virgin organic oil: unrefined, it is designed from the fresh coconut pulp. A method of manufacture that allows to preserve its virtues: its vitamin A which promotes the hydration of the skin, its vitamin E with antioxidant properties and its saturated fatty acids.

By what oils to replace it?
Is your skin oily? Turn to other vegetable oils with the lower comédogénécité index to take care of your epidermis! Some even promote the regulation of sebum production without leaving oily film on the surface of the skin. This is the case with hazelnut, jojoba, Nigel or sesame oil. Thanks to their healing virtues, the latter two are perfect for treating acne-affected skins.

Attention, a poorly preserved vegetable oil oxidizes and thus becomes comedogenic. So think about keeping your oils safe from the air and light.

Always recommended for body and hair
If it’s better to avoid using it on the face, it is perfect for the rest of the body. Super moisturizing, mix it with powdered sugar to get a gourmet, natural and homemade scrub. Add it to your cosmetics to multiply the nourishing effect or apply it directly to your skin: coconut oil even nourishes the driest areas, such as elbows or feet.

Coconut oil is also acclaimed for its many virtues on your hair, whatever its nature. Composed of almost 45% lauric acid, it nourishes and restores the scales of the capillary fiber. Result: The hair is wrapped and brighter. How to use it? Heat a little oil in the palms of your hands. Once liquid, apply it to your hair by insisting on your spikes. Let it sit for 30 minutes at all night if needed, then make a mild shampoo. To make every week for top hair!

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