The new commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is a threat to the world

A report published by the German magazine Der Spiegel on Thursday warned of the danger of it newly appointed commander of the Iranian revolutionary terrorist guards, Hussein Salami, of the Middle East and the world, after Iranian leader Ali Khamenei, ex-commander Mohammad Ali Jafari from his post and appointed.

The revolutionary guards, the backbone of the regime, control all security services and the economy. Its main task is to suppress the regime’s opponents internally. It also plays great roles abroad, especially to establish and support Hezbollah’s militia in Lebanon. Since the 1980s and the sectarian militias in Iraq, as well as support for the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, it makes Iran’s long hand destabilizing the region and supporting its ally. ”

At Salami’s approach to the IRGC, she said: “No change in the attitude of this military device should be expected in the coming period. None of the greatest supporters of IRGC’s presence abroad consider it necessary to protect what it calls Iran’s security. Linked to the fate of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan. ”

She pointed out that “the appointment of Salami in his office is a clear proof that Iran is continuing in its missile programs and the other of the aircraft, which is controversial and used in terrorist operations and gives them their military,” says Der Spiegel.

The newspaper pointed out that “from 2005 to 2009, the Salami led the Air Force, which means that the missile program and the aircraft’s program under his direction but intensified the man from the testing of missiles Medium term.”

According to Der Spiegel, “Salami rejects any attempt to stop the two programs of concern, but insists on advancing.”

Internally, the magazine Salami expects to “expand the IRGC’s influence in the Iranian regime, especially in the media and the economy, relying on a speech that shows the IRGC as the only state shield against external constraints using the rhetoric of hatred.” As a terrorist organization to mobilize support for this military apparatus in Iran.

The Revolutionary Circle decided to classify a terrorist organization, in a precedent where it had never previously been classified by the United States as a military body in another state as a “terrorist organization”.

Hussein Salami is known for his recent years in defense of programs to develop hostile ballistic missile systems with Khamenei’s support, as well as repeated threats to US interests and regional allies.

Despite banning the terms of the Tehran nuclear treaty and world powers in 2015 to perform missile tests for the installation of nuclear warpaths, Salami previously threatened to launch more than 100,000 rockets and tens of thousands of long-range missiles in the world’s extreme corners as soon as the Iranian leader’s reference .

The new leader of the revolutionary guards is one of the most prominent Iranian officials on US sanction lists 12 years ago, while the US Treasury has put its name on its sanction list as one of those involved in promoting global terrorism and its use of weapons of mass destruction.

The European Union categorized Salami as one of the most influential in Iran’s controversial missile program in 2007, along with its former commander Mohammad Ali Jafari and Qods Force commander Qasim Soleimani.

Forty years ago, Khomeini decided to launch these terrorist soldiers as a parallel army of common armed forces following the fierce leader of the former Iranian leader Khomeini took power after Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavis disorder (1979 ).

These militias, both regional and international, emerged as the army itself to protect the new theocratic regime, doubting the intentions of the leaders of the ordinary Iranian army, which were originally side by side with the old monarchy.

The Revolutionary Guards’ Revolutionary Guards also monitor smuggling activities across the country’s most controlled ports, especially in the south, as well as its role in money laundering in various areas such as building, shopping malls, hotels, luxury restaurants.


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