The quick recipe for homemade powder matifying 100% Natural

When you think about homemade products, you think of beauty masks or household products, but rarely make-up products! It’s a pity, because it’s good for example in our cupboards that we find the best ingredients to formulate its own powder matifying. It contains flour for the smoothing, unifying, velvety and anti-gloss effect as well as antioxidant cocoa powder that gives its smell to crunch and which helps to avoid the white effect too floury even if the flours used are rather transparent On the skin. (Of course, cocoa can be replaced with another natural colouring powder if you have one). Of course this powder will not hide the flaws, but it will offer you a doll complexion that lasts all day.

What you need:

Two shaved teaspoons of organic cocoa powder
One tablespoon of corn flour or rice flour
Optional: Two or three drops of oil essential for odor and/or add antibacterial and anti-sebum properties: Geranium, rosewood, lavender or even tea tree.

The steps:

1) bring together the selected ingredients as well as the material you are going to use after everything has been sterilized. Don’t forget to find a small jar or compact for your homemade powder.

2) First mix your powders with great care. Use the back of a spoon or pestle to remove any lumps.

3) do not hesitate to adjust the doses to make it suitable for your carnation: The more cocoa you put, the more it will suit a matte skin!

4) If you want to add essential oils, do so and then mix again.

5) transfer to the jar and your powder will be ready for use.

In this recipe, we offer small quantities so that you can try the powder first. Once you are convinced of its effectiveness, you will be able to make larger quantities if you wish. As with any makeup, make sure to remove makeup or clean the skin at night after wearing it with this powder.

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