The technique to know for a refrigerator that consumes less

There was a time when we used different techniques to conserve food. Drying them is a very ancient process that can be found from antiquity and the curing of the Roman is among the most famous. In the Caribbean and Guyana, hunters and fishermen always use the smoke-like noise. All these techniques were well found, but few people would abandon their fridge to use them fluently. This appliance is indeed an indispensable in our homes and it can be hard to imagine how it was not to have. The problem is that this device is energy-intensive even if you take care to opt for a model that consumes less. Fortunately, there is a small technique to limit consumption and we tell you everything below!

Why does the refrigerator consume so much?
The big weak point in the fridge is that you have to open it to use it. This brings the hot air in and out the cold air, which gives rise to a de-regularization of the temperatures. This is why it is recommended to close the door after each use to avoid harmful entrebâillements and not to leave it open for too long. The food that is on the door can also suffer from the temperature deviations generated (especially the eggs that should never be in the fridge and even less on the door). Feeling the temperature rise, the refrigerator needs to work more for the regular and this makes it more consuming.

How to avoid this?
To limit the temperature increase inside, fill containers with water (bowls, bottles…) and slide them to places where you have empty spaces. These cool points will help the fridge to keep its temperature better and to find it faster.

Good to know: to reduce its consumption and avoid frost formation in the freezer, fill the empty spaces as much as possible with carafes of water and the newspaper to absorb moisture among other techniques.

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