The TOP 5 Anti-aging OILS

Of plant or animal origin, these treasures help us to fight the effects of age on the skin. Discover five proven assets.

Oils, vegetable extracts, ingredients of natural origin,… There are several families whose ingredients can be extracted to perform facial and body treatments. and nature proves to be an unparalleled ally in the fight against the effects of time when the ingredients of the products are carefully selected.

Five ingredients with prodigious virtues compete for the star of the benefits for the skin. Among them is:

1/ Acerola, a small cherry from Latin America, capable of trapping free radicals.
2/Algae, rich in trace elements, minerals and amino acids, have preventive and restorative properties, especially against the effects of time.
3/The Rose, a must in natural cosmetics, is met in various forms. It has tonic and regenerating properties, especially for mature skins.
4/The Royal jelly, rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, it acts on the elasticity of the skin.
5/The Argan, an ingredient extracted from the walnuts of a Moroccan tree, prevents fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its many vitamins.
Derived from plants by simple transformations like the “cold pressure”, for example, all these ingredients present ultra-beneficial virtues.

The success of your care depends on the quality and efficiency and your ingredients, so do not lose sight of these five great classics in the selection and purchase of your creams, masks, fluids, serums and oils.

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