The top cholesterol-lowering foods to know

Have you ever thought about reducing your excess cholesterol? First, know how to distinguish between good and bad cholesterol. With these five natural cholesterol-lowering foods, you’ll finally find the pleasure of cooking and eating healthily. Be aware that it is important to have a balanced diet to avoid problems caused by cholesterol.

Oat bran to prevent cholesterol
What could be better than oat bran to prevent and treat your cholesterol. High in fibre, it helps reduce bad ldl cholesterol and increase good hdl cholesterol in our body. You can make delicious oatmeal patties for breakfast. You’ll feel full afterwards and you’ll only think about eating light the rest of the day!

Fatty fish rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids
Despite what we think, oily fish are very good for your health, no reason to deprive yourself of them, quite the contrary! Unlike lean fish, they contain polyunsaturated fatty acid recommended in an anti-cholesterol diet. Choose salmon, tuna, sardines or mackerel twice a week to rebalance your cholesterol levels.

The apple to balance your cholesterol levels
We no longer hide it from you, the apple has several virtues on our health especially during a slimming diet. It is well known for its role as an excellent appetite suppressant thanks to its high dietary fibre content. In addition, apples reduce fat and cholesterol in our bodies. So eat one apple a day to achieve an absolute cholesterol-lowering diet.

Avocado for good hdl cholesterol
Whether eating it raw in salads or smoothies, avocado is highly recommended to regulate cholesterol. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it allows you to fight bad cholesterol and increase the good hdl cholesterol in your body. Treat yourself to a sunny lunch with an avocado salad or green smoothie. You’ll feel healthier.

Oilseed fruits to lower bad cholesterol
Nuts, olives, hazelnuts or almonds are oilseed fruits to be incorporated into our daily diet. Whether you eat them whole for breakfast or in vegetable oil form in a salad, they are beneficial to our health. They contain fiber, protein, vitamins… to lower bad cholesterol and get back to a healthy diet.

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