The whole $ 5 billion life of a leader is not as bad as a pickup truck

Occasionally, Islamic fascist authorities have rendered the provincial governor so lazy that their laughter and sobriety are easily produced.

This time, it is the nub of Kazim Anter Siddiqui, the interim Imam of Tehran, who said: “If you collect all the means of life of the leader of the Islamic Republic, it will not be as much as a pickup.”

Let us not forget that in May 2009, the US Embassy in Iraq posted a message on its official Facebook page of the $ 3 billion wealth of the Islamic Republic’s leader: “Corruption in the Islamic Republic over the past 5 years The pyramid of power has taken root until it is implemented, and while many people in Iran are struggling with poverty due to the dire economic situation, Ali Khamenei’s supreme leader alone reaches $ 2 billion.

The dust on the head of Kazem, who sold religion for the sake of worldly wealth and lied to the Iranian people, will take back all this money from their thieves and slaves, and we will spend on Iranian prosperity.

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