These 5 foods make you look 10 years older

Treat your appearance and look younger by avoiding as much as possible those foods that make you look older.

Surprise, surprise: swallowing treats is not the best thing for the aging process. To understand how sugar can age your skin, it is important to know that two proteins are responsible for the youthful and fresh appearance of your skin: Collagens and elastin.

Anything that alters the proper functioning of these proteins will have a negative effect – and sugar is one of their worst enemies. When the sugar is digested, it leaves behind waste called “Advanced glycation Final Products” (better known by their English acronym of AGEs, for “advanced glycation End-Product”). These AGEs accumulate over time and bind to collagen, which eventually contributes to wrinkling and sagging skin, observes Dr. Ana Reisdorf.

Avoiding AGEs is important to health. and reducing your sugar consumption is the first step.

Charred meat
Take a good look at the burnt part of your barbecued steak, and ask yourself seriously: how can this be good for your health? We’re asking! The burnt meat contains aromatic polyclique hydrocarbons very conducive to inflammation, which can damage your precious collagens. Scratch the burnt instead of eating it.

Don’t carbonize your meat!

No one looks at their best after drinking too much the day before. But the effect of alcohol on your liver is even more disastrous. “When your liver is working well, the toxins that could damage your skin are naturally drained into the body,” explains Dr. Ariel Ostad. But if the toxins accumulate in your liver and are not suitably decomposed, you can develop problems such as acne, yellowish complexion and wrinkles.

Processed carbohydrates.
You have been told and repeated: during digestion, carbohydrates are transformed into pure sugar, which is why they stimulate the production of AGEs and weaken the integrity of the collagen and elastin of your skin. This is not to say that carbohydrates should disappear from your diet.

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables can stay. On the other hand, white bread, pastries and breakfast cereals can go to the door.

White wine
All the foods we’ve seen so far could have an impact on your skin, but white wine can make you old in another way: by damaging your teeth. “Alcohol dries out the mouth.” By decreasing the secretion of saliva, which normally removes bad bacteria, you may end up with cavities and stains, says Brian Kantor, a dentist in New York.

You might think that the dark color of red wine produces more marked stains, but Brian Kantor says it’s the opposite. “The white wine acid makes the enamel more porous and, in the long run, you accumulate more stains.” Protect your teeth by rotating a little water in your mouth after each glass.

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