These are 3 miracle ingredients to treat Chapped Lips and Dry Lips

How to treat chapped and parched lips?
Wind, moisture and frost are all elements that attack your skin, especially your lips, which are susceptible to external aggression. Here are some recipes from grandmas to protect dry and chapped lips.

1/ Shea butter
Harvested from the Shea nut, the butter of the same name acts as a moisturizer, repairer and protector. Apply a roll of shea butter to your chapped lips and let it act. You will immediately feel a sense of relief. The butter softens your lips and loosens the tension between the torn tissues. Renew the operation several times a day.

You can also prepare a Shea balm. To do this, melt the Bain-Marie 15 g of Shea butter. Out of the fire, add 10 ml of jojoba oil progressively. Pour the preparation into a small jar and let it cool. When the mixture has hardened, apply it to your lips with your finger. You can keep the balm for 2 months free from heat and light.

2/ Vegetable Oils
Coconut oil, avocado oil or olive oil… these vegetable oils have a miraculous action. Coconut oil is the most silky. In addition to protecting your lips, it softens and nourishes them in depth. The other oils create a thick barrier of protection against cold and moisture, leaving an incredible softness. Just drop a few drops on your finger and apply it to your lips.

3/ The Honey
The product of bees is a famous healing. Enjoy this sweet care the space of a few minutes a day, and your chapped lips will be grateful. For this, take a layer of honey and apply it directly to your lips, without giving in to the temptation to lick them! Leave for 15 minutes and rinse gently with a cotton soaked in lukewarm water.

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