These are the 8 factors that promote Vaginitis

What is Vaginitis?
Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina resulting:

Either a vaginal infection due to a fungus (vaginal fungus), a bacterium, a virus or a parasite,
Or a non-infectious irritation of the vagina.
It is almost always associated with irritation of the vulva (anatomical space located between the clitoris and the vagina, delimited by the labia majora); That’s why we usually talk about IPV.

Vaginitis is a widespread disease that affects almost all women at least once in their lives. It can also reach the little girls.

The factors that promote vaginitis

Vaginitis is favored by:

  • Wearing too tight pants sometimes causes local irritation that weakens the skin, facilitating vaginal infections;
  • Synthetic undergarments increasing perspiration and maceration, conducive to the development of germs, particularly in favor of the occurrence of vaginal yeast infections;
  • Excessive hygiene (toilets too frequent and/or with irritating products, vaginal showers, use of intra-vaginal products) that can damage the mucous membranes and cause an imbalance of the flora. This vaginal flora (composed of non-pathogenic bacteria, mainly lactobacilli) is beneficial because it provides protection against vaginal infections by pathogenic germs;
  • The presence of a foreign body in the vagina (e.g., forgotten periodic buffer);
  • Sexual intercourse, both cause of irritation and vector of transmission of certain sexually transmitted infections;
  • Antibiotic treatments sometimes destroying beneficial germs of the vaginal flora and contributing to the development of fungi (Candida albicans) responsible for vaginal yeast infection;
  • Some diseases that promote infections (e.g., diabetes, immune deficiency…);
  • Certain medications that decrease immunity (e.g., cortisone).

In general, to prevent Vaginitis and its recurrence, the factors of irritation and infection should be avoided. For this, it is important to respect everyday life habits.

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