This Green Clay Mask Will clean all your Hair and make it healthy

Green Clay is a potent detoxifying.

Therefore, why not use it to cleanse our hair? Every day, our hair is mugged. By our stress to begin with.

But especially by the polluted air of the cities and by the thousands of chemicals that fly around us, from the exhaust gas of a car to the hairspray that your friend uses in the bathrooms of the restaurant while you wash your hands. Always very nice…

Fortunately, green clay is a toxin vacuum cleaner. Its absorbing power is neatly incredible. So much so that it is enough to give all their sparkle to your hair. How to make a green clay hair mask?

A few tablespoons of green clay and a water volume about two to three higher. Let stand and apply the dough to your hair. The green clay directly attacks the impurities on the skin of your scalp. It purifies the medium and therefore helps the new cells regenerate the hair.

The green clay can be used in a mask, but also in shampoo, combined with other natural elements such as lemon or cucumber for a detox mask that you will leave a maximum of 10 minutes on your scalp.

In a different style, but still in detox, combine the green clay with coconut oil, cider vinegar and Aloe Vera. Once the mixture is done, massage your skull with and let stand for 20 to 30 minutes.

Ideally, rinse before the mixture dries. The cider vinegar does not necessarily leave a very pleasant odor, you can rinse with water supplemented with an essential oil of lavender.


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