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In beauty The simplest gestures are often the most effective. Cold water showers that allow a hydro massage and tighten the tissues, moisturizing and firming creams that regenerate the epidermis and massages that reshape the bust remain your best allies.

From a purely physical point of view, the breast is a gland composed of fat, protected by a mattress of connective tissues, all surrounded by a skin envelope on the pectoral muscle.

Breasts are without muscles
If the bodybuilding of the pectorals that support them proves to be useful for their maintenance, without any deep muscle, it is impossible to inflate them with reinforcement of exercises on the ground or lifting of dumbbells. Delivered to themselves, they still have to wander in weightlessness, without any way to withstand the external aggression except by protecting themselves with a good bra!

Only the daily showers with fresh or cold water to tone the tissues are really effective. The vasoconstriction effect stimulates blood micro-circulation and improves cellular exchange. The skin is more toned and regains its role as a natural bra. The most enduring cold will also be able to apply an ice glove and thus to perfect this free tissue firming session.

Breasts are prone to hormonal upheavals.
Fragile, the breasts are double-sided. Naturally, by their constitution, and especially because of the hormonal variations, worthy of roller coasters, which they have to undergo.

From puberty, the rise of estrogen causes the development of the connective tissues that surround them and give them their shape. The latter will evolve over time depending on the weight changes and the stages of life.

During the menstrual cycle, water retention makes them swell. During pregnancy, the double breast gland of volume and, conversely, at the time of menopause, the breasts melt abruptly and the tissues supporting them are loosened. Not to mention the yo-yo diets that make them lose weight and grow constantly.

By having to adapt to the stages of life, the skin gets tired and gradually distends. The support fibers that are collagen and elastin are shrivel and no longer maintain the chest. By tracing the classical pathway of the feminine metabolism, we understand better that it is necessary to protect its chest well.

The massages contribute to it by reshaping its contour without being able to correct its shape. Made with a moisturizing or firming cream, they improve the penetration of active ingredients.

The care of the bust, a visible tensor effect not negligible.
Don’t expect any instant miracles from the first application, you’d be disappointed. On the other hand, know that these products improve the firmness of the epidermis and stimulate the cellular exchange.
quickened metabolism, chest swells, breasts are better shapely.
The use of cosmetic products for the bust are to be used in addition to the bodybuilding exercises and practical advice to have a beautiful chest.

 EXTRA-TIPS: How do you take care of your breasts?

I protect them

  • Of gravity: 70% of women wear bras that are unsuitable for their measurements! Too loose, it does not support enough; Too tight, it will be uncomfortable.
  • To choose the right model, you have to take the time to try it… And do not hesitate to ask the opinion of the saleswoman (in the lingerie stores). Instead, opt for a model with adjustable straps that adapts to all the lengths of bust by preferring materials that do not irritate the skin.
  • Heat: By not abusing too hot baths and showers that soften fabrics.
  • From the sun: by protecting them from UV which damage the skin (even more when it is fine), promote the release of skin and the appearance of stains. Here too, this can leave unsightly traces!

I relieve them

  • If they are painful in the fortnight before the rules, especially on the upper and outer parts. Hormones are probably responsible. If it really hurts, taking a analgesic of paracetamol type can relieve. Softer Option: A washcloth filled with ice cubes that are gently passed over the breasts in a circular massage. We can also check with his gynecologist that the pill or THM (hormonal treatment of menopause) that we take is always suitable.
  • In case of acute pain, located on one side or in a specific place and not related to menstrual cycles, we go to his doctor.



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