This is how to use COFFEE GROUNDS To Make Beauty Treatments at Home

The coffee grounds are much appreciated by the skin and hair for its detoxifying and exfoliating properties. Ideal for making beauty treatments at home.

1/coffee grounds for mature or tired skins
The coffee grounds are the ally of mature or tired skins because it has a boosting effect on the cells thanks to its antioxidants and vitamins: it awakens the epidermis! To use it, it is good to mix it with an egg white and apply this mask on the face and neck for 10 good minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. In addition, the egg white will provide a tensor effect to the skin.

2/The coffee grounds for the body
Do you have stretch marks or cellulite? Scrub with vegetable oil and coffee grounds to help reduce their appearance and strengthen the targeted body areas. In the shower, take a small handful of coffee grounds and massage yourself by making circular movements on the thighs, buttocks, belly or arms. Avoid the chest and neck which are parts where the skin is thinner and fragile. The toning effect of the coffee associated with this massage is ideal for activating the blood circulation, dislodging the dimples and the skin of orange.

3/The coffee grounds for the hair
If you are brown, but your hair is dull, the coffee grounds can bring them shine. After your shampoo, gently rub the scalp with a handful of coffee grounds. Then apply a care and rinse thoroughly to get rid of the mask odor properly.

4/The coffee grounds for the feet
The feet are sometimes the last pampered. Yet, if they are callus and dry, the coffee grounds can do them good. Just mix it with a little olive oil and massage your feet by insisting on the hardest and driest areas several times in the week. The oil will nourish the skin and make it softer.

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