This is my 3 week experience of Konjac Diet ! I’ve lost weight more than ever seen

In recent times, everyone was telling me about these zero calorie pasta that act like a natural appetite suppressant: the Konjac. To be able to eat pasta without getting fat, inevitably, it makes you want! I didn’t need any more, I skipped and tested these funny Japanese noodles.

The Konjac, Kezako?
The Konjac is the super trendy slimming food of the moment. This tuber straight from Japan can easily replace pasta or rice. With a major advantage: if a portion of starches represents more than 200 kcal, a portion of Konjac contains about fifteen! No wonder we put all…

Neither one, nor two, I go to the nearest supermarket. Concretely, it comes in the form of Shirataki (kind of spaghetti) of kishimen (in the form of tagliatelle) or of Gohan (small beads that resemble rice). They are found in portions of 150 or 200 grams in the slimming radius, for 2-3 €. You can also find them in any Asian grocery store. Come on, hop in my basket!

No, the Konjac is not insipid!
When I arrive in my kitchen, I go to the attack! Finally, I read first the instruction manual, history not to do anything… The Shirataki are packaged in a pouch containing a liquid, so rinse them before cooking. I was told that at the opening, their smell would be unpleasant, so I expected the worst. In the end, they simply have a smell of iodized water, which the rinse allows to dissipate. Then just cook them two minutes with boiling water, a breeze!

As I was warned that alone, these pasta did not have much taste, I try a preparation a little more elaborate. An onion, a pepper, a little tomato sauce, herbs of Provence, salt, pepper… That I bring back in a frying pan. Insipid in itself, the Konjac takes the taste of what it is associated with. For me who loves herbs and spices, it’s perfect!

I digest better since I eat Konjac
Comes the fateful moment to taste my little preparation and… It’s pretty good! Past the first surprise due to the texture – a little more chewy and crunchy than pasta – I see that the Shirataki have taken the flavor of the other ingredients. I totally adhere.

So I decide to prolong this test: for three weeks, I take my little bento every lunch to the canteen of the job. In the evening, I eat light and balanced, and make me a little more fun on weekends. The first result, blatant, is felt as soon as I get out of the table. Often bloated because of the industrial food of the cafeteria, I feel now light… But still satiated! I’m no longer hungry, but no feeling of overflow. In the long run, the hand of the scale oscillates to the left. Yes!

My ideas recipes based on Konjac
For me, the kitchen is a bit of a feeling: according to the inspiration of the moment but also according to what I find in my fridge. Here are some recipe ideas that I tried a little randomly during these three weeks of testing, and that I found rather good.

  • Shirataki Sautéed Way Tajine

Cook the Shirataki 2 min with boiling water.
Inflate 15 g of raisins in a bowl of hot water.
Chop an onion. Brown it in a frying pan with a tablespoon of rapeseed oil.
Cut a fillet of fish or chicken white diced and make it come back with the onions.
Add Shirataki, drained grapes, 15 g cashew and 1 tablespoon soy sauce.
Sprinkle with paprika, salt, pepper, and mix well.

  • Chicken and pepper Kishimen

Cook the Kishimen 2 min with boiling water.
Chop an onion and a pepper. Bring them back to the frying pan with a tablespoon of olive oil.
Cut a chicken cutlet diced. Cook it with vegetables.
Add the Kishimen. Sprinkle with thyme. Salt and pepper. Mix well.

  • Grilled with Gohan and tofu with Provençale

Cook the Gohan 2 min with boiling water.

Chop an onion and brown it in a frying pan with a tablespoon of olive oil.
Wash and cut a zucchini in a washer. Cook it with onions.
Cut 150 g of tofu diced and add it to the preparation.
Add the Gohan, a tablespoon of soy sauce and sprinkle with herbs from Provence. Salt, pepper. Mix well.


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