This is the best way to lose weight in your thighs quickly

You find your thighs too big and you want to refine and tone them to be able to put on the last slim fashionable? Discover our tips to lose weight of the thighs quickly and find beautiful legs fine and curved.

In sedentary women, the volume intake at the thigh level is mainly due to fat storage in this part of the body. If to eliminate this fat and thus refine its legs, it is essential to have a healthy and balanced diet, a few nutritional tips on a daily basis will allow you to lose weight of the thighs more quickly, fighting in particular against the water retention.

  • Eat less salty: the result of salt is to increase the water retention, especially at the thigh level. So think of less salt your food and avoid the dishes all ready often very rich in sodium.
  • Drink plenty of water: at least 1.5 l/day, this is what is recommended. Regularly drinking water daily helps to drain metabolic waste and to fight against water retention, especially at the thigh level. Also consider teas and infusions.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables: rich in potassium, these help to restore the balance of sodium and thus fight against the retention of water. Potatoes, spinach, bananas, lentils, but also fish are foods particularly rich in potassium.

Invigorate and refine your thighs with sport

If a good diet allows first of all to lose thighs, the practice of a sporting activity will allow to tonify and strengthen the legs in order to obtain thin and curved thighs.

There are many exercises that, made a few minutes a day, are very effective for muscular legs, or also firm the inside of the thighs quickly. However, a multitude of sports also make it possible to tone and refine the thighs. To be preferred, endurance sports that offer a high energy expenditure, and thus favor weight loss without taking muscle volume. Here are the most interesting.

  • Swimming, aquatic gym, aqua-cycling: these aquatic activities are to be promoted in case of overweight because weightlessness has the effect of saving the joints (no shock). In addition, the draining action of the water stimulates the blood circulation and acts against cellulite and water retention at the thigh level.
  • The bike: practiced for several hours at moderate intensity and by turning the legs well, the bike is ideal to firm and refine the thighs.
  • Running, fast walking, skating: endurance activities essentially soliciting the legs, these sports are however to be avoided in case of overweight too large.
  • The dance, the Pilates: less cardio than the previous ones, these activities have the advantage of proposing both a toning and a relaxation of the muscles, for thin and curved thighs.
  • Muscular reinforcement exercises: targeted exercises to strengthen the quadriceps muscles, adductors and hamstrings or more complete movements such as squats or cracks, many exercises allow to firm the thighs without for as much muscle volume.

Other tips for losing thighs

While sport and diet are two essential factors to take into account for slimming thighs, a few tricks also help to promote the loss of a few centimeters of thigh circumference.

  • the cold on the thighs: nothing like the action of the cold against the heavy and swollen legs. When you take a shower, spend a blast of cold water on your thighs, it will tone them and improve venous return.
  • Lymphatic massage: offered in an Institute, this massage promotes a better circulation and allows to bring back the lymph. Very effective against cellulite and water retention, the lymphatic massage helps to lose weight of the thighs.
  • Slimming creams: applied regularly in the form of self-massage, these creams also allow to lose a few centimeters of thigh circumference. This is for example the case of percutafeine, a gel also effective for combating cellulite.

A sports coach to progress faster?

You have followed our tips to lose weight of the thighs but you want to follow a personalized program? Why not use the services of a sports coach? A personal trainer will be able to offer you a tailor-made program according to your objectives but also your abilities.


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