This the Full guide of apple cider vinegar to lose weight effectively

Whether in diet recipes, nutrition books or even fitness blogs, apple cider vinegar is mentioned as the effective product in weight loss. Indeed, it has an honorable place in an efficient, healthy and fast regime.

In this article you discover all the powers and properties of cider vinegar to lose weight easily and durably. This acidic liquid is the most used for decades by thousands of people to fight the extra pounds.

Presentation of cider vinegar

Cider vinegar is one of the few types of vinegar that can be used for other than culinary purposes. It is reputed to be an excellent remedy against various diseases and is also used for multiple domestic uses. This is mostly an essential way to lose weight in just a few days.

Although the product has existed for several hundred years, it was only in 1970 that it became popular for its diet virtues. It was adopted, by the years 1820, by the famous British poet Lord Byron as the main remedy for his diet. His exponential fame really only started in 1998, through the book “Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar” written by the nutritionist Earl Mindell.

Manufacture and properties of cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a potent acidic liquid, obtained from several stages of apple fermentation. The double fermentation, intended to obtain this type of vinegar, includes the transformation of the apple puree mixed with the sugar in cider, then in alcohol, followed by the fermentation of this alcohol in acetic acid.

This acidic liquid, rich in pectin, contains various nutrients important for a healthy weight loss including iron, potassium, phosphorus, mineral salts, calcium as well as several types of vitamins (B, D, E, etc.).

How to lose weight with cider vinegar?

With only 3 teaspoons of calories per liter, apple cider vinegar is shown as one of the best solutions to avoid gaining weight. It is a very effective product to lose weight quickly without effort.

This acetic liquid can act in 4 different ways to allow weight loss:

  • Ideal for carbohydrate-rich meals
  • Regulating appetite with cider vinegar
  • Natural and powerful Grease burner
  • Excellent detoxifying

Cider vinegar: Ideal for carbohydrate-rich meals
Consuming cider vinegar before and after a highly concentrated carbohydrate lunch slows down blood glucose to the intestines, thus preventing weight gain.

Regulating appetite with cider vinegar
This type of precise vinegar effectively acts as a appetite suppressant because of its high pectin content. Drinking one to two spoons of apple cider vinegar immediately gives a feeling of satiety, which will greatly diminish the desire to nibble outside of the meal hours.

As this method also helps to eat less, the body will be forced to tap into the reserves of fat to supplement the deficiencies, and therefore, burn the fats of the whole body.

Natural and powerful Grease burner
Apple cider vinegar is generally composed of organic and acetic acids, which are known to accelerate the melting of fats contained in the body. Consumption of this vinegar followed by regular physical activity ensures a decrease in adipose tissue formation as most fats will fill the energy spent.

Moreover, the remainder of the unprocessed fats will be absorbed by the fibers of this miracle solution.

Cider vinegar: An excellent detoxifying
Regular consumption of cider vinegar ensures a natural and effective intoxication of all the waste and toxins contained in the organism. Once the body is purified, several processes, including digestion, will find their proper functioning causing the weight loss in the long term.

What type of cider vinegar to lose weight?

In order to recover its ideal weight quickly, it is strongly advisable to turn to the cider vinegar Organic, unpasteurized. This slimming drink would be more effective at losing 5 kilos in 1 week by preventing fat buildup.

It is important to know that only the cider vinegar fermented in a traditional way, i.e. cold pressed, without pasteurization and aged in the hollow of an oak, proposes the components necessary to lose weight quickly.

The benefits and disadvantages of cider vinegar

All the power of cider vinegar lies in the acetic acid it contains. In particular, it helps to effectively reduce cholesterol by suppressing bad cholesterol while keeping the good.

It also ensures a rapid decrease in water retention as well as blood glucose. This is the miracle cure that solves the health problems experienced by people with diabetes. No need to consume insulin, one to two spoons a day of cider vinegar are much more effective and without side effects to reduce the rate of glucose.

Cider vinegar is also an effective solution for preventing and treating indigestion. To do this, simply drink a spoon before the meal or mix it with small doses of honey and water after lunch. This treatment should be done in less than 30 minutes.

In addition, apple cider vinegar can effectively reduce the amount of calories contained in the blood system. This special vinegar, made from apple cider, is also known to act on starch digestion problems and increase metabolic rate.

Finally, rich in potassium and fiber, cider vinegar is shown as the ideal antidote to combat fatigue that comes from stress or physical activity. In particular, it stimulates energy and oddly relieves aches and fatigues.

Although the moderate consumption of cider vinegar for weight loss has no side effects, over consumption often causes heartburn as well as sore throat. That is why you have to be very careful and respect the dosage.

How to drink cider vinegar safely?

It should be clarified that this strong acetic acid liquid is not a drug, so it is important not to abuse it. The ideal is to follow a regular diet that would not force the proper functioning of the metabolism.

In case you do not support the acid content of this vinegar, you can dilute it in a little water or soften it with a teaspoon of honey.

In addition, it is advisable to always start the diet in vinegar with small doses in order to better prepare the stomach to its acidity.

If you want to lose up to 15 kilos in 2 months, the best thing is to use cider vinegar as a dietary supplement to lose weight and to perform an accentuated daily treatment of 7 days break every 2-3 weeks. Prefer a single spoon of cider vinegar with a glass of cold or lukewarm water for the first 2 weeks. You can then add one or two spoons of vinegar for the following weeks.

This preparation is to be consumed 30 minutes before meals. You can eventually add honey or baking soda to soften the vinegar’s acidity.

Recipes based on cider vinegar to lose weight as soon as possible

Summer Salad

2 Apples diced
1 green Salad
2 beautiful carrots diced
25 g of cheese 0%
1 tablespoon of cider vinegar
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
Salt and pepper

Wash and wring the salad. Divide it into several small parts.
Cut the cheese into small dice.
Mix salad, cheese, carrots and apples in a bowl.
Mix lemon juice, vinegar, salt and pepper into a dressing sauce.
Add the preparation to the vegetables.

Marinated chicken wings with cider vinegar

4 Chicken Wings
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
Some herbs (thyme, rosemary, etc.)
Salt and pepper

Mix the oil, vinegar, chopped herbs, salt and pepper.
Marinate the chicken wings in the preparation.
Fry the wings for 5 minutes on each side.
Enjoy with the summer salad.

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