Three things you shouldn’t never do in the bathroom.

Some hygiene tips to follow when you go to the bathroom
Toilets are a place where many bacteria are concentrated and some unpleasant diseases can happen to us, such as constipation, hemorrhoids or various infections. However, it is relatively easy to guard against it when one manages to get rid of certain life-long habits that increase health risks. Here’s a glimpse of things not to do in the bathroom.

Even if this position is instinctive, and may seem more comfortable at first glance, it is better to avoid sitting completely on the bowl. Indeed, in this position, the body is not able to completely empty the intestines. When the digestive transit is not carried out to its natural term, some diseases may appear, such as hemorrhoids or even constipation. To keep you from this bad posture, you can for example crouch yourself using a small stool to put your feet to the right height.

It is absolutely unnecessary to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper before you sit down. Indeed, this measure may seem to protect you from bacteria, but it is not. Bacteria have no problem crossing the paper. To protect yourself from them, and to avoid the risk of infection, it is recommended to wash your hands regularly, especially before leaving the toilet. Indeed, the hands are one of the main vectors of bacteria, so it is absolutely crucial to keep them clean.

If the bathroom where you brush your teeth is also a room that contains toilets, it is best not to leave your toothbrush in the open air. Indeed, when you flush the toilet, some bacteria will be expelled from the bowl, and will spread into the ambient air. They will then be deposited on the toothbrushes, which are likely to become vectors of infection. To reduce the risk of infection, it is preferable to place the toothbrushes in an enclosed area, isolated from the ambient air.

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