TOP 10 essential food for the skin.

Tired of having dry, dull skin, full of small blemishes and fine lines? And if instead of ruining themselves in cosmetic care and in expensive creams, we would rather… in the first place, looking for good food for the skin? UNEVBOX present us 10!

1. Tomato
The tomato is a fruit that is full of good points to give us a beautiful skin. First: Lycopene (the pigment that gives it its red color) it contains is ideal for combating skin problems, including acne. Secondly: the antioxidants contained in the tomato also help protect the skin from UV radiation and the action of free radicals.

2. Berries
In nutrition, berries and red fruits (blueberries, blueberries, blackberries, gooseberry, blackcurrants, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.) are often highlighted for their richness in antioxidants. But antioxidants are known to fight oxidative stress, and the action of free radicals on the cells. Berries are therefore essential foods to fight cell ageing and keep a baby’s skin as long as possible!

3. Complete Rice
What is the relationship between a full plate of rice and a jar of moisturizer? The Ceramides of course. Molecules that allow our skin to stay hydrated, and that can actually be present in food form! When we consume full rice, we therefore actively contribute to the hydration of our epidermis. Who would have believed it?

4. The Kiwi
The kiwi is a small fruit that beats records in terms of vitamin C. And it’s not only good for our vitality: Vitamin C is indeed very useful to maintain the collagen of the skin. So, thanks to it, our skin remains firm, and wrinkles are more difficult to settle! And then 1 kilo of Kiwis, it’s cheaper than an overpriced anti-wrinkle cream!

5. Olive oil
Olive oil can be an excellent ally for people who tend to have dry skin. Indeed, it contains linoleic acid, a fatty substance that prevents the water present in the cells of the skin to evaporate… and therefore to dry up!

6. The carrot
As the name implies, the carrot is very rich in carotene, which allows our organism to make vitamin A. A vitamin better known as… good Vitamin Mine! In short, when you’re tired of wearing a complexion of endive, it’s time to eat carrots!

7. Cucumber
When our skin is too dry, it is either that it lacks water or that it lacks good fats. If it lacks water, the cucumber can be an ally of size: it is indeed the most water-rich vegetable that exists, because it is composed of more than 95%!

8. Citrus fruits
Oranges, clementines, mandarins and other lemons are known to be kings at the level of vitamin C intake. And regarding our skin, vitamin C has many benefits: it promotes the formation of collagen (which makes it firmer and more elastic, less relaxed), and activates micro-circulation, which revives the complexion.

9. Green Tea
Not easy to feel at the top when acne pimples regularly come to bang the incrust on our face… To fight them, why not trust green tea? Indeed, the latter is able to reduce in the organism the rate of DHT, a hormone responsible for acne.

Not to mention the richness of green tea in antioxidants, which help protect our skin from aging!

10. Fatty Fish
When you want to keep your skin smooth and firm as long as possible, you should not forget to regularly put on the menu tuna, salmon, sardines, or even mackerel. Indeed, fatty fish are rich in omega-3, fatty acids that would slow the appearance of wrinkles by countering the action of inflammatory substances on the collagen of the skin.

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