Henna Tattoo: A pretty safe tradition

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Spotlight on the beautiful arabesques of henna tattoo, ancestral Moroccan tradition. I wanted to try the henna tattoo. It must be this girl crossed on the terrace of a café plugged on the Corniche in Casablanca, with sublimely adorned hands... These beautiful photos discovered online... In Casablanca, I know where to go. I often walked past these women, near the witch market, who draw pretty arabesques on the hands of other women. But no question of doing anything. Some clarifications are necessary. What is henna? In the beginning, henna is a plant that grows in desert regions. In Morocco, it is mainly found in the region of Azzemour. From this plant, we shoot a powder. Mixed with a small bowl of water and a spoonful of lemon juice or orange blossom, or rose water, or eucalyptus essence, ...