Understanding Dental Flares

The twenty milk teeth gradually move into the infant’s mouth. The first dental thrust occurs most often between 4 to 7 months and the milk teeth are all in place before the child’s 3 years.
What is a dental surge?
We talk about dental flares when the first teeth, called primary or temporary teeth, commonly called “milk teeth”, are put in place in the mouth.

The teeth are formed inside the bones of the jaws and move gradually to get out. They then go through the gum before appearing in the child’s mouth.

They continue to progress until the entire crown of the tooth is visible. The root remains in the jaw bone.

When do the first teeth grow?
The baby’s milk teeth begin to form during pregnancy. That’s one of the reasons why mom has to eat well!

Caution Some medications are discouraged during pregnancy and breastfeeding as they may have adverse effects on the child’s teeth. Remember to report that you are pregnant or breastfeeding when a professional prescribes treatment.

The first tooth of milk usually pierces between 4 and 7 months. It may appear earlier, from the age of 3 months or later. Some children have one to two teeth at birth.

The dates of appearance of the milk teeth vary from one infant to another. Every child develops at their own pace and, if your baby’s teeth appear later, that doesn’t mean there’s a problem. Do not worry.

Position of germs of milk teeth at birth
The evolution to the definitive teeth
There are 20 teeth of milk in total. The first teeth of the milk to be pushed are usually the lower central incisors (the front and bottom teeth). Then the others appear gradually and for most children, they will all be in place before the age of 3 years.

Position of milk teeth at 1 year
Position of milk teeth at 3 years
If spaces appear between the “milk” incisors, especially around 4-5 years, there is no need to worry, this corresponds to the development of the jaw. These spaces will be occupied later by the more voluminous definitive teeth.

The definitive teeth come out, from the age of 5-6 years for the first, up to the age of about 12 years. The last four molars, also called the wisdom tooth, are inconsistent and appear at about 18-20 years.

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