Use Just these 2 Recipes And Forget about common Hair problems

Nourish the tips of dry hair with a vegetable oil bath

When you have very damaged hair, the easiest and most effective solution is to brush your hair with vegetable oil. If they are very damaged, the pure olive oil is perfect.

Wrap the hair in a bath cap or in plastic film, then in a hot towel and let it sit all night. Wake up? Baby hair.

Be careful, if you use pure olive oil, make it in single treatment before resuming classic restorative care, less aggressive.

Soften the hair with an egg mask.
Egg shampoos have a reputation for making hair soft. Good news, with three ingredients that we all have in our kitchen, it is possible to concoct an egg mask yourself!

Recipe: Find an egg yolk, a fresh banana or a well-ripe avocado and a glass of vegetable oil. Start by mashing the banana or avocado. Next, make a mayonnaise by beating the oil and egg yolk. Add to the preparation mashed potatoes and mix. Apply to hair and massage. The mask must cover the whole hair. Let it sit between 15 minutes and all night.



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