What are the symptoms of the ingrown nail ? What are the main causes Ingrown nail?

The Ingrown nail is a common problem affecting especially the big toe. It is favored by a bad cut of the nail and repeated traumas (shoes too narrow…) It translates into a bead around the nail, painful and red which can become infected in the absence of treatment.

What is the Ingrown nail?
A nail is incarnated when it penetrates the tissues that limit its lateral edges. This is the result of a conflict between the nail tablet and the peri-nail tissue. The edge of the nail sinks into the flesh and causes an inflammatory reaction of the peri-nail tissue, then, in the absence of early treatment, an infection.

This problem preferentially touches the toenails: the Ingrown nail is particularly frequent at the level of the big toe.

What is a nail for?
The nail is made of keratin, forming a nail tablet that rests on the nail bed. The fixed edges of the nail are surrounded by a peri-nail fabric called “full nail” or “nail bead”.

The nail has several important functions:

  • It protects the distal phalanges;
  • It increases tactile discrimination (touch);
  • It is an instrument of scraping or even defending;
  • It ensures the aesthetics of the foot and/or the hand;
  • Toenails have a role in running and walking.

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