What is dental abscess ? what are its symptoms and causes ?

Dental abscesses are often due to untreated cavities. His treatment requires a dental consultation. In prevention, put in place good oral hygiene, a balanced diet and an annual visit to the dentist.

Definition, causes and symptoms of dental abscess.
The dental abscess is an accumulation of pus linked to an infection, at the level of a tooth or gum. It causes a sharp pain and is sometimes manifested by other local or general symptoms (discomfort or swelling of the mouth or face, fatigue, fever, etc.)

How does the dental abscess occur?
The dental abscess is an infection with pus accumulation located at the level of a tooth or gum.

In many cases, the dental abscess results from the complication of untreated tooth decay. This can progress to the fabric in the center of the tooth (or “pulp”) and Trigger:

  • Infection with bacteria
  • An abscess, if the germs reach the end of the root of the tooth. It can touch the whole of the pulp.

The “Fear of the Dentist”, an indirect cause of dental abscess.
In many cases, abscesses occur after advanced dental caries in people who do not consult their dentist regularly, because they fear consultation. Indeed, one in four people apprehends the visit to the dentist, for fear of pain.

Practitioners take these fears very well into account. Moreover, thanks to the progress of dentistry, they are now making often painless treatments.

The dental abscess may have other causes:

Dental trauma.
After a shock (recent or not), the pulp of the tooth can be destroyed. Sometimes the dead tissue is infected and it causes an abscess.
An injury or gum disease.
In the case of lesions or gum disease, bacteria can develop between the tooth and the surrounding tissues, causing an abscess.
An infection at the level of a wisdom tooth.
In the lower jaw, the Crown (visible part) of a wisdom tooth (the third and last permanent molar appearing after the age of 18) is sometimes covered with tissues that become infected. Food residues and germs can lodge between the tooth and tissues, and generate a dental abscess.

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