What is the anti-cholesterol diet ?

Many people suffer from cholesterol. For some, opting for an anti-cholesterol diet means depriving yourself of the good things, but it is wrong. This diet simply allows you to find a balanced diet with low cholesterol foods. It also tends to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.

Master where the fat is in your diet
It is important that you know how to differentiate the good from bad cholesterol. Vegetable fats are recommended for the health benefits they provide. You can find some of them in oilseeds, margarine or vegetable oil. These fats are composed of unsaturated fatty acids which, unlike saturated fatty acids, allow a regulation of cholesterol.

Choose a balanced diet;
During an anti-cholesterol diet, you must prefer a balanced and varied diet. It is made up of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, complete cereals and some cheeses and dairy products. In a reasonable amount, this will help you to reduce bad cholesterol and improve your digestive system. Don’t forget to drink all day long!

Bet on low cholesterol diets;
Do you know what foods are beneficial to your health? It is important to opt for products that are low in cholesterol, but contain good cholesterol, which is indispensable to our organism. Prefer fruits and vegetables that do not contain them and cook them with steam, salad or smoothie, to avoid the use of oil. Also reduce your meat consumption and increase the amount of fish to regulate your cholesterol levels.

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