What is the post-op treatment and what rules must be followed after hair transplant surgery?


What is the post-op treatment and what rules must be followed after hair transplant surgery?


  1. To avoid any infection, the doctor might prescribe an antibiotic.
  2. To avoid inflammation of the scalp: 3-4 days, the doctor might prescribe an anti inflammator (Medrol). Caution, avoid eating salty foods when taking it, otherwise you risk to have a swollen scalp!
  3. Pain medication for discomfort. Alcohol should be avoided when taking pain medication, as should operating heavy equipment.

Washing transplanted area

  1. The next day after surgery (day 2): you have to remove the bandage from the donor area and wash 3 times/day with a gentle shampoo (such as one for childrens) or with a disinfectant pharmaceutical shampoo. NO touching, NO rubbing, NO scrubbing, best just pour a mix of water and shampoo, until the head is clean of any blood. This is very important to avoid dryness of the scalp and subsequent falling of the newly transplanted grafts. The scales must be peeled away completely until the 10th day after surgery, otherwise the transplanted grafts risk of being compromised.
  2. Third day: continue with shampooing, 2 times/day.
  3. Fourth day: continue with shampooing, 2 times/day and for the first time you can use the tips of your fingers to perform circular movements on the scalp, very-very gentle. The aim is to help dislodge dead skin resulting from implantation grafts.
  4. You repeat the process until day 10.
  5. You will continue to wash your scalp with a gentle shampoo for 2 months. In about 2-3 weeks after surgery, you can apply products with minoxidil 5% (Rogaine) on the transplanted area to help newly transplanted hairs to grow. You can use these products for 10 months.

Other important tips for a successful hair transplant

  1. Avoid direct sunlight for at least 1 week.
  2. Avoid any movements that may create tension in the head (do not lean forward, etc..)
  3. Avoid make any kind of effort for at least a week (take the elevator or if you do not, climb stairs with patience)
  4. Sleep elevated on pillows (the doctor will advise you best, depending on the case) for 4-5 days after surgery. This is important to avoid touching the receiving area or tension head area.
  5. You can do light exercise only after 7 days of surgery. Avoid lifting weights in the first 10 days.
  6. No smoking in the first 3 days and no drinking alcohol while taking antibiotics.
  7. Apply products with minoxidil 5% (Rogaine), morning and evening.
  8. Avoid using chemicals in your hair such as gel, hair dye, lotions, etc.
  9. No tanning and no sunscreen (until at least 2 weeks after surgery)
  10. After removing the bandage from the donor area, it is advisable to apply Aloe Vera, Bio-Oil or similar products to a more rapid recovery. It can also be hydrated with saline, if you feel it is too dry.
  11. Contact your surgeon whenever you think is necessary or when appointed.

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