What is the right diet for a 4 month old baby?

Your baby has 4 months and you want to start diversifying her diet? Keep in mind that your Loulou is still very young and that you will be able to introduce only very few new flavors in his diet.
Baby feeding at 4 months: how is it growing?

A 4-month-old baby weighs about 6 kilos. It feeds on an average of 5 daily bottles of 180 ml each. He has no teeth at the moment and does not know how to chew or chew. On the other hand, since birth and still today, baby has what is usually called the extrusion reflex, which prevents her from choking. indeed, it pushes its tongue forward when a food or solid object enters its mouth. At 4 months, Baby is not yet able to eat a solid food. To ensure the beginnings of food diversification, make sure you get the point with your Pediatrician. Once you have agreed to introduce the first baby food, you will have to mix them perfectly.

Feeding a 4-month-old baby: which foods do you prefer?

At only four months, it is difficult to really talk about food Diversification. indeed, the breast or infant milk that you give to your child is ample enough for its good development, until you marvel at your Six-month-old baby. nevertheless, you can begin to accustom your Loulou to go to discover new flavors from its fourth Month.

In order to start smoothly and prepare the best possible baby, go through what is called a transition diet. This usually involves introducing gluten-free infant flour into the second-age milk that you can start giving to your LOULOU. This past step, you can also introduce a little cooking broth into his milk. The alternative is to prepare your bottle by adding a teaspoon of small baby jar or homemade Purée. Mix well, The whole must look uniform.

Baby food at 4 months: recipes ideas

A puree of carrots based on infant or maternal milk and peeled carrots cooked and crushed.

4 month baby food: did you know?

It is important not to give your Loulou too early some foods by risk of developing food allergies and Intolerances. In fact, diversifying your child’s diet too early, especially before 4 months, could raise awareness of the main food allergens. So avoid some products such as peanut or egg white. To learn all about these risks, feel free to check out our child Allergy prevention article and our focus on preventing food allergies in Children.

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