What medications to treat hair loss?

There is no miracle cure for hair loss. Lotions and other shampoos can alter the hair in depth but not prevent its fall. There are only 2 molecules tested and proven today in the treatment of alopecia, this is Minoxidil and finasteride.

They’ve proven themselves.
The Minoxedil and the finasteride are the two molecules that have proven themselves in the treatment of hair loss. The Minoxedil, if it stops or brakes the fall in 70% of the cases does not allow regrowth while the finasteride promotes it.

Slow down the Fall
When one loses its hair well what one desires above all, it is to stop this free fall. Medications can help you in this fight against alopecia, but other ways exist and research is progressing.

Only two drugs have demonstrated their efficacy in androgenic alopecia. And, if there are extra treatments, you should not expect miracles, even if some of them can significantly improve the appearance of the hair and slow down the fall.

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